Embassy in Japan

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About this Embassy

Consular Section

Economic and Commercial Section

Embassy Sections and Diplomatic Staff

About this representation

Ambassador Alan BERAUD

  • Chief of Mission

(Waiting for Arrival)

  • Head of Chancery and Cultural Section

Minister Federico URRUTÍA

  • Chief of Consular Section

Counselor Matías BABINO and Second Secretary Iván Da Ponte

  •  Economic and Commercial Section
  •  Tourism
  •  Enviroment

Second Secretary Marcela Viviana BARONE

  • Political Affairs
  • International Cooperation
  • Sports
  • Cience & Technology, Nuclear Affairs
  • Press

Captain (Navy) Diego Eduardo Suárez del Solar

  •  Defense Attache

Administrative Attache Sergio POLICASTRO

  • Administrative Affairs

Fondo argentino de cooperación sur-sur y triangular