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Joint Exhibition: Solar Storm and Wind of the South Pole at Setagaya Municipal Museum

From  September 9 to 13, a joint exhibition of Andrea Juan and Kaori Tsukikaza will take place at B Gallery of the Museum of the City of Setagaya.

Fascinated by the frozen Antarctic tundra, artist Andrea Juan created a work that captures boldly colored manmade objects juxtaposed against the otherworldly glacial setting.  For the past decade, Juan, who is also professor of visual art at the National University of Tres de Febrero in  Buenos Aires, has been journeying to Antarctica for monthlong periods to stage installations and performances like these across the empty continent.  She exhibits 12 photos on aluminium.

Kaori Tsukikaze, Japanese, is a guest artist in January 2015 Antarctic Program "artist in residence" of the National Antarctic Bureau of Argentina. On this occasion she will present her work "Wind of the South Pole" made during her stay in Antarctica.

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Kinuta Koen 1-2, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (157-0075)
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