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Procedure for the temporary admission of filming equipment in Argentina

In order to facilitate the Customs process at Ezeiza Airport, it is mandatory for those who want to visit Argentina with the purpose of filming television shows or other forms of difussion to submit information about the staff and its filming equipment to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship of Argentina beforehand.

The Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Japan performs the procedure based on personal contact with the film crew coordinator and offers useful information about tourism in Argentina.

Please contact the Embassy two weeks in advance minimum to set the date of interview.

(1) Send the following information in english or spanish to sectur_ejapo@mrecic.gov.ar :

(Sample Note  )

(a) Purpose and plan of your visit

  • Flight information (arrival to Argentina and departure)
  • Contact name of the film crew
  • Content and first publicity date of the show
  • Scheduled date of publicity for the show corresponding to the visit
  • Name, e-mail and cellphone Lumber of the coordinator, if available

(b) Personnel list in a Word document (PDF will not be accepted)

  • Name (as shown in passport)
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Date of birth
  • Profession
  • Name, email and cellphone lumber of the coordinator, if available.

(c)Travel plan to Argentina in a Word document (PDF will not be accepted)

  • Time departure of the flights and accomodation

(d) Equipment list


(2) Entrevista en la Embajada Argentina en Tokio
Since February 2012, interviews are conducted at the Embassy with the programme director or person in charge of the filming crew befote the trip. Its purpose is to understand thoroughly the details of the trip and objective of the show through direct contact. This allows us to offer useful and suitable information about Argentina.

(3)Information processing from the Argentine Embassy in Tokio to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship of Argentina

The Argentine Embassy in Tokio sends the information obtained during the procedure to the Press Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship of Argentina.

(4)Press Section sends the information to Customs at Ezeiza Airport

For further information:
Embassy of the Argentin Republic, Tokyo.
Tourism section: 
Tel 03 5420 7101 
Mail: sectur_ejapo@mrecic.gov.ar




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